Meet the 1st Black Woman Pro Polo Player

Nigerian polo player Neku Atawodi seeks to level the playing field Polo equestrian extraordinaire Neku Atawodi When Uneku Saliu-Atawodi started Ride to Shine—a charity that trains orphans in Nigeri…

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Film Fest Entry at Moore . . .



(through personal e-mail from Moore College – www.


Film al Fresco is a juried competition and outdoor summer film series that showcases the work of independent filmmakers from the Greater Philadelphia and Delaware Valley regions. The series expands The Galleries at Moore’s commitment to presenting the work of emerging Philadephia-based artists and its role as a venue for exhibitions and programs that focus on innovative ideas in contemporary art and visual culture. Filmmakers who reside in the Greater Philadelphia and Delaware Valley regions (PA counties including Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia; DE counties including Kent and New Castle; NJ counties including Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem; and Cecil county in MD) are eligible to submit film projects for consideration. There is no entry fee. FILM SUBMISSION CATEGORIES:

  • Narrative Feature (41 minutes or longer)
  • Documentary Feature (41 minutes or longer)
  • Narrative Short (40 minutes or less)
  • Animated Short (40 minutes or less)
  • Documentary Short (40 minutes or less)

The Galleries at Moore | Moore College of Art & Design 20th Street and The Parkway | Philadelphia, PA 19103 T: 215.965.4027 | F: 215.568.5921 | E:

Training Opportunities- WMC

(From WMC, Women’s Media Center) –

WMC Progressive Women’s Voices is the premier media and leadership training program for women in the country. Participants represent a range of expertise and diversity across race, class, geography, sexual preference, ability, and generation. They receive advanced, comprehensive training and tools to position themselves as media spokespeople in their fields, thereby changing the conversation on issues that fill headlines. Graduates join a supportive network of alumnae who support each other in their media goals.
Upcoming WMC Progressive Women’s Voices training dates are:
Washington, D.C.: December 6 – 8, 2013
New York City: December 14 -16, 2013
Applications to be considered for the next Progressive Women’s Voices training can be completed at

The deadline to apply is October 25, 2013.  The 2013 class will be announced on November 25.
Women representing diverse backgrounds, areas of expertise, professions, ethnicities, ages, geographical regions, and levels of experience are encouraged to apply (including those who have previously applied).
Questions about the WMC Progressive Women’s Voices training can be sent to




Dear Memphis Non-Profits,

ArtsMemphis is pleased to announce that it has been chosen as a designated
agency for the administration of the Tennessee Arts Commission’s (TAC)  newly
reinstated and very popular Arts Build Communities (ABC) grants. ArtsMemphis
will administer the grant program for eligible organizations in Shelby,
Fayette, Lauderdale and Tipton counties. Through the ABC grant program, the
Commission seeks to provide support for arts projects that broaden access to
arts experiences, address quality of life issues through the arts, and enhance
the sustainability of cultural experiences.

With funding from the Tennessee General Assembly, ABC grants offer financial support
for community building arts projects in all arts disciplines as recognized by
the TAC, including dance, music, opera/musical theatre, theatre, visual arts,
design arts, crafts, photography, media arts, literature, interdisciplinary and
folk arts.

According to Shannon Ford, director of community arts development for the
Commission, “ABC grants provide innovative arts experiences that are new or
unfamiliar to community residents, and allow for the development of arts
programming that strengthens social networks through community engagement.”

Applicants must be state-recognized, nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations or
government entities and must be able to provide a dollar-for-dollar match
towards the proposed project. Awards range from $500 to $2,000. The application
deadline is 4:30 p.m. (CT) on Monday, July 1. ArtsMemphis will host a free
grant workshop for interested applicants at the Buckman Performing Arts Center
at St. Mary’s Episcopal School, 60 Perkins Extd., from 10:00-11:30 on Thursday,
June 6.

Organizations seeking funding for artistic and cultural projects that benefit
the community can download grant guidelines and an application at or the TAC website at
For more information about the ABC grants, please contact Parke Kennedy at
901/578-2787 or

Warmest Regards,

Parke Kennedy

White Tiger & The Succulent Peach


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Lying in his den, White Tiger says to himself, “I need something sweet and fleshy, now!”.  He canters and strides down the hill into a lush garden.  He approaches a beautiful peach tree.  White Tiger plucks a very full golden peach.  This peach however; was rather special.  As he holds the peach in his hands, he is reminded of his woman.  He thinks of the heavenly scent, the plump roundness of both her bosom and rear, and alluring color of yellow-gold tones all over.

White Tiger notices how the Peach became slightly warm to his touch.  He slowly bites into the Succulent Peach only to faintly hear erotic coos crying out.  White Tiger continues, but gently, to eat near the top of Peach- her breasts are kissed.  When he eats at the bottom, her legs are kissed.  White Tiger could feel her legs wrap around his shoulders.  As White Tiger east closer to Peach’s center, his lover’s body began to take life.  As his tongue swayed from side to side, Peach’s center begins to pulse more and more.  His lover has become fully fleshed.  Then White Tiger focuses on Peach’s center rushing his tongue in like a never-ending, thumping drum.  Peach’s nectar is flowing now.  White Tiger does not hesitate and devours the rest of Peach.

One last waning moan is released from Peach and soon she vanishes.  White Tiger feels satisfied and invigorated, more so, of what he had done to Succulent Peach than having it.  He strides up the hill again, back to his den.  “Soon I will go back to her … again!”, as he chuckles to himself.

The White Tiger and the Cherokee Rose (random draft)


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His eyes are as beautiful, sparkling, and dark as black diamonds.
He crawls toward her crouching over her dark, golden curvaceous body.
Kisses on her neck, chest, and hips make her tremble and breathe with sweet yearning.
White Tiger slowly, slowly lies on top of his Cherokee Rose.

While staring deep into each other eye’s, he embraces her.
Then moves his thighs up and out to open her wide.
White Tiger glides in between her hips searching deep into her vessel as it grips him.

Cherokee Rose submits all of herself and receives White Tiger’s fullness.
He moves inside her massaging every inner space he can find.

She holds onto his rocking shoulders as best as she could,
But the waving ecstasy nearly overwhelms her in unconsciousness!

Her lover’s tears does not stop his sweet ongoing torture he gives.
He shows little mercy to her pleas of catching-her-breath, her coos, her moans.
He goes on unleashing his love and passion into her until she finally screams out of rapture.