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I’m really glad that I attended the Volunteer Art Show for ArtsMemphis!  The female artists’ work that were present was everything!  There were pieces that were profound, subtle, sweet, endearing, brash, bold, brave, daring, and defiant.  The female artists I noted were: Ebony Johnson, Elisha Gold, Katie McWeeny, Suzy Hendrix, Maggie Exner, Michelle Duckworth, Allison Furr-Laywer, Claudia Tullos-Leonard, Anna Wunderlich, and Holly Fisher.  I was so thrilled and impressed by the material that our local artists presented and focused on picking out female artists to meet that I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES!

I did however met one talented female artist in particular by the name, Ebony Jackson!!  She displayed two (2) different pieces, “Rape is Happiness” and “I Think I’ll Eat a Toothbrush Today” that were both separately bold and brave.  Ms. Jackson’s work represented how women can survive after tragedy and live better, even happier, stronger.  I shared with her about WfPAC.  She was interested and asked for my card!  I do want to work with her in the near future!