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I was alerted about this a 1/2 hour ago on FB and I’M TAKING ACTION ON IT!  An email/letter campaign for the RACIST AND SEXIST implicating show, Heavy Housewives: Memphis.  Blow the horn on producer Mr. Gus Roxburgh and Balance Vector Productions that we do not want nor need more negative portrayals and buffoonery of Black women!  Whether or not you are heavy and/or a housewife, this fiasco is to continue the degradation of women, specifically Black women!

Balance Vector Productions PO Box 736, Santa Monica, CA 90406

Shaun Murphy  310-230-8400 office   310-343-0974 cell   310-230-8500 fax   spm@balancevector.com email

Gus Roxburgh  310-230-8410 office   310-343-0983 cell   310-230-8500 fax   gus@balancevector.com email