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When I turned 18, “Daddy” Bush was campaigning for his very first presidential election (1987-88, George H. W. Bush vs. Michael Dukakis).  I deliberately did not vote even though I was registered and able to do so.  Just weeks after not voting, I began to regret my decision simply because I did not prefer either candidate policies and campaign.  It felt like a lump in my throat that couldn’t move because I had literally took my own voice away to sneer, jeer, or cheer on any issue.  Gov. Dukakis wasn’t credible and consistent enough to me, and VP Bush just wanted to continue whatever Reagan had started.  I wanted none of it!

So in order to never to have that “lump in my throat” ever again, I made sure to vote in any and every election wherever I resided!  Wherever I laid my head to rest was conditioned by powers-that-be from the bottom up and vice-versa.  Regardless of how long I remain in any given spot, if I could claim legal residency to vote for my immediate community I will.  Now that I am a mother of a daughter, she is tagged and dragged along to watch Mommy push the flat screen with names on it every time.  I am even more proud to say that I have served as Judge (precinct) and Poll Watcher.  I even raised my voice to people standing in concession line registering new voters that even if elected officials put the vote on what color of paper to use in the restrooms-  VOTE ON IT!        😉