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There was a small crowd for the gathering; however, we all enjoyed the film (Who Does She Think She is?) and learned that even female artists are still working mothers!  The challenges, mixed feelings, AND CRITICISM even goes toward them, too.  Also, I got the chance and blessing to meet another female artist named Beverly Dorsey!!!  She lovingly urged and encouraged me to keep going, keep doing!  If I want WfPAC to grow and become solid/rooted, it would take “friends”.  I would have to reach out and connect with artists and art supporters . . . now if only my 5-year old would concur and cooperate!  http://www.whodoesshethinksheis.net/   SEE Y’ALL NEXT YEAR!!   XOXO

WfPAC will host another free screening for Lumo, also at Caritas Village on 4/19th to commemorate Sexual Assault/Abuse/Rape Awareness Month.