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This recent Thursday (4/19th) at Caritas Village WfPAC screened the documentary LUMO.

My thoughts:  Lumo, a 20-year old Congolese woman who was engaged to marry a man she loved; however, becomes a victim of a brutal rape done by the Interahamwe militia “soldiers”.  Her fiance rejects her, her family denies her, and she goes to the township of Goma to get healed.  Her healing is the several operations and recuperation from fistula.  During Lumo’s stay she meets of women that suffered as she did, contemplates her faith in God because she thinks she is being punished or made to suffer, and lastly tries to cling onto hope for the future.

Lumo returns to her village, but it still remained under siege by Interahamwe group.  It is not known of Lumo’s or her village’s progress.  (Lumo Sinai is the young woman pictured below wearing the black kerchief, far left.)