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Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia: A Life in Poems

When I think about how this book came to be and how it finally arrived to you the reader, I think of the words of the song “The Long and Winding Road”.  Though most of the poems in this book were written within a span of six months (Feb 2007-Aug 2007), they’ve all been in the making from very early in my life. My mother gave me a passionate love for reading and writing, and my father gave me an appreciation for poetry and great literature, especially that of African-American origin.

  I always hesitate to call myself a poet. I feel more like a vessel or conduit through  which the poems flow. I never intentionally sat down to write any of them. They all came to be fully complete and neatly packaged, title and all. I just put them down on paper.

I wrote my very first poem in February 2007. I woke up on Valentine’s Day 2007 with the words of “Our Place” forcefully dancing around in my head. I quickly got up and scribbled it down.  To this day, it remains one of my favorites along with “Let’s” and “Mississippi Man”.   

As you will see in my poetry, I am so proud of where I come from, so happy with the life I’ve lived and totally enamored with the southern way of life.

Patricia Neely-Dorsey