Earlier this year in Russia members or a female rock band, Pussy Riot decided to take to Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Saviour to protest how the Church apparently condones Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.  “We were deeply saddened that you allowed the church to become a weapon in a dirty election campaign and urged the faithful to vote for a man who is as far as can be from God’s truth.”

I will always concur, believe, and practice that people should be allowed to express their thoughts and opinions; however, to radically do on sacred site I don’t agree so much.  I believe these women wanted to make a direct point on a connection of the Church and Putin, but this act of protest could have taken place across from or near the church– not necessarily on site.  There are things that I disagree with even as a Believer myself in the Black church, but I do and would continue to protest persons-of-interest not a sacred symbol of faith.