(Jan 27, 2011 – Apr 3, 2011, Tufts Univ) Seductive Subversion: Women Pop Artists, 1958-1968
examines the impact of women artists on the traditionally male-dominated field
of Pop art. It reconsiders the narrow definition of the Pop art movement and
reevaluates its critical reception. In recovering important female artists, the
show expands the canon to reflect more accurately the women working
internationally during this period. The exhibition features 68 artworks by 21

Some of these artists experimented with then-new, industrial
materials such as Plexiglas, plastics, rubber, and neon to create unique works
of art that responded to the effects of mass-production. Others subverted
domestic skills they had learned as young girls to create the first “soft
sculpture” using fabrics, plastics, and other found materials that deployed a
craft aesthetic as high art. Others appropriated from mass culture, including
Hollywood film, advertising, publicity photos, and commercial publishing to
critique emergent popular culture and male fantasies about female desire.