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SisterReach Official Grand Opening Festivities       September 10-15, 2012

Monday, Sept. 10th: 6 p.m.-8 p.m., First Congregational Church, 1000 S. Cooper St.       Town Hall Meeting: Understanding Health Reform   The historic accomplishment of enacting the new health reform law that can help us gain access to quality, affordable health care is the work that our national partner, Raising Women’s Voices (RWV) is committed to. As part of our commitment to policy, SisterReach has partnered with Raising Women’s Voices to present this vital information.  Special Assistant to Congressman Cohen, Willie Henry, will participate on this important panel as well. RWV is a national initiative working to  make sure women’s voices are heard and women’s concerns are addressed as policy workers put the new health reform law into action, and will explain the new law and answer questions about how the law impacts residents of Tennessee. CLICK HERE       To RSVP for the Town Hall Meeting!     Tuesday, Sept. 11th: 3-5 p.m., The Urban Child Institute, 600 Jefferson Ave.

Wednesday, Sept. 12th: Noon-2p.m., The Urban Child Institue, 600 Jefferson Ave.  Reproductive Justice 101 Training       “What exactly IS Reproductive Justice?”  SisterReach will offer a  comprehensive Reproductive Justice 101 training for community organizers, students, funders, medical providers and educators who want to understand and apply the human rights framework of Reproductive Justice(RJ) to our work here in Tennessee. Currently, SisterReach is the only RJ organization in the state of Tennessee and we are eager to share this framework with the community in hopes that participants will be able to  understand, articulate and apply the framework to the great work already being done here in the Mid South in the areas of activism, advocacy, education and funding. The RJ Training is a 3-part series and we will offer this first level of training which will include: (1) Three core priciples of RJ  (2) Reproductive Oppression (3) Human Rights (4) Intersectionality    (5) Self-Help  and (6) Reproductive Health, Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Justice  We are offering two dates for you to choose from in order for participation to be more feasible for your schedule. Also, as part of our  Grand Opening fundraising opportunities, we are offering the training at  the low cost of $30 per participant [$20 Student Discount] (includes training, materials and lunch)!!! Registration  begins 30minutes prior to each training.     Payment Via PayPal  RJ Training 101 (9/11)  Standard Student Discount  RJ Training 101 (9/12)       Standard       Student Discount  Mail Your Payment (by 8/31)       Pay to the order of:   SisterReach     1462 Poplar Avenue      Memphis, TN 38104  ATTN: RJ Training 101   *Please include name of partcipant(s) and RJ Training date in correspondence

Thursday, Sept. 13th: 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.       First Congregational Church, 1000 S. Cooper St.       Faith-Based Panel Discussion       Intersection of Reproductive Health and the Faith Community – What Role Could the Church       Play?       This faith-based panel discussion will explore the role faith communities       could play in reducing reproductive and sexual health disparities in the       Greater Mid South. The panel will be comprised of local clergy with both       progressive and conservative viewpoints and will be moderated by       SisterReach Founder/CEO, Cherisse A. Scott. The goal of the panel       discussion is to present reproductive health disparities data and       information regarding the Mid South’s most vulnerable populations and create       a dialogue around the faith community’s role in decreasing these       disparities through advocacy, education and policy on the behalf of       congregants and the community as a whole. Audience members will have an       opportunity to ask questions of the panel. Light refreshments will be       served. CLICK HERE to RSVP for       the Panel Discussion!

Friday, Sept. 14th: 6 p.m. – 8:30 p.m., Rumba Room, 300 S.       Main St. (Doors open at 6pm, Show begins at 6:30)       Soulful Justice       Poets and vocalists will present their works as part of SisterReach’s Arts-N-RJ Initiative,       which uses performance outreach to offer social justice education and       awareness through song, poetry, dance, theater, visual art, radio and       film. Part of our performance line-up includes SisterReach’s Founder/CEO,       Cherisse A. Scott!!!       This is sure to be a special soulful evening! There will be a raffle       featuring some of Memphis’ best in retail, entertainment and family fun!       The Rumba Room is one       the Mid South’s premiere hot spots for Latin music, Soul and Reggae       located in the heart of downtown! The Rumba Room offers ample street       parking, a full service bar, delicious food options and SisterReach drink       specials for the evening!     

  GET YOUR       TICKETS NOW!      We offer 3 ways for you to pay for admission:

(1) $20 Admission via       Payment by PayPal (Confirmation is your PayPal receipt and your name(s) will be at the door on the night of the event)

(2) $20 Admission via Postal Mail (by 9/10)          Pay to the order of:     SisterReach      1462 Poplar Avenue      Memphis, TN 38104   ATTN: Soulful Justice   *Please give  name(s) and email(s) for confirmation in correspondence

(3)$25 Admission at the Door Saturday, Sept. 15th: 4 p.m.- 8 p.m.,   SisterReach headquarters, 1462 Poplar Ave.

Official Grand Opening Celebration       SisterReach’s staff and volunteers invite the public to our headquarters for food and fellowship as we celebrate ONE YEAR of working in the Greater       Mid-South! RSVP NOW

Can’t be here to celebrate with us, but would like to donate to the work of SisterReach?       Click Here

We look forward to spending a great week with you!       Thanks in advance for your participation and support ~ Cherisse A. Scott, Founder/CEO, SisterReach