A seemingly great film about a great woman made by a woman!

The Privy Files

I have sensed often from other fashionistas that Ms. Vreeland was not a pushover and possibly could still teach a thing or two to Anna AND the ficttitious Miranda about fashion or being an editor!  Her grand-daughter-in-law, Lisa Immordino Vreeland, heads up a film and book concerning how, whom, and where Diana Vreeland influenced the fashion world.  If we are all paying attention, one could soon take notice that Diana Vreeland did more than just influenced the fashion world, but became a part of fashion history.  From the world conflicting into its send World War into the “golden days” BAby Booming and rebellious Rock-and-Rolling then up to turbulent 60s protesting and epiphany on equality, Ms. Vreeland made sure that her pages with Harper’s BAzaar reflected this.

(the film)

Italian Vogue interview-  lisa-immordino-vreeland

(the book) 

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