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Memphis teacher and artist, Ms. Lurlynn Franklin using mixed media of painted and stamped cloth/quilt works to share a part of the world as she knew it through her eyes of “undeniable Blackness”.  Each “cloth” gave familiar thoughts and stories revealing the realities of Black life in America.  Nothing of a stereotypical mad-Black-sista perceptions, stereotypes given to share a much more profound and complex message.  Ms. Franklin also read several pieces of her poetry that directly co-related to the art works.  Ms. Franklin’s pieces will remain at Caritas Village until October 27th. 

[As Ms. Franklin puts it:  “Colored Cartoons in Undeniable Blackness is a collection of story quilts and poetry which are distinctly African-American in content, addressing the thin line drawn between stereotypes and truths.  Bothe writings and the visuals lend themselves towards social commentary, deliberately falling short in being hardcore political, the work lightly and deceptively skims the surface of personal politics, focusing on the mainstreams of modern “colored” life with humor and sarcasm.”]

  Ms. Franklin sharing.

Ms. Franklin explaining one of her pieces, “Aunt Jermima, Jr.” and explaining her purpose and reason.