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Directly from the Producer-Director:

Dear Friends:

I’m a writing instructor at Drexel University in Philadelphia.  I’m also a filmmaker, and I need your help!

The Cast of Invisible Warriors: African American Women in World War II needs your donations to complete a landmark documentary, featuring unforgettable ladies 83 to 105 years young. I’m appealing to Black women for help.  Perhaps you, more than others, understand the historical significance of Invisible Warriors.  The late Dr. Dorothy I. Height considered the projectsignificant enough to be part of the documentary; she is featured in the trailer and was the first person I interviewed.  Invisiblewarriorsfilm.com

Seven decades ago, proud women – your mothers and grandmothers – overcame the Great Depression, Jim Crow, sexual degradation, and gender discrimination, to make your life easier. They took the “hit” so you didn’t have to!  Now, 70 years later, you stand on the shoulders of pioneers.  Now is your chance to honor them by helping to cement their legacies and accomplishments! Invisiblewarriorsfilm.com

Please watch the trailer and give generously at Invisiblewarriorsfilm.com.

Donations can be as small as $1, and you get some really cool gifts.

Invisible Warriors will be donatedto educational and cultural institutions. I believe this documentary deserves your active support.

If you believe as I do,please make a donation, and then forward this letter to everyone you know –family, friends, co-workers, educators, veterans – everybody!  You can even give Invisible Warriors a“blast” on Facebook.  I have attached a flier to help you get the word out, and I can supply other promotional materials.

Please watch the trailer and donate at:  Invisiblewarriorsfilm.com.  I hope Invisible Warriors moves your Spirit to give….

May the Force be with you…

Gregory S. Cooke