(from Ovation TV)

14 days ago we announced that Time Warner Cable intended to drop Ovation from
its lineup, and we asked you to stand up for the arts. You did:

Over 25,000 of you signed the
imploring Time Warner Cable not to drop Ovation, and
we’re now adding nearly 5,000 new signatures every day.  From the bottom of our
hearts, THANK YOU!

I want to share one message in
particular from a young woman who identified herself as Dana:

Time Warner Cable: I may still be a teenager, but this channel matters to me. I
love being able to sit down and watch a play with my friends, and that led me to
become involved in the arts. I based my life around performing all because of
the things I’ve seen here. Please, don’t take this away from me.”

received hundreds of messages like this from people of all ages and backgrounds.
Your messages are being sent to Time Warner Cable’s top executives, but despite
these impassioned demands for independent, thoughtful, arts programming on TV,
Time Warner Cable has not yet changed its mind.  They still intend to drop
Ovation. But,

Please don’t give
If we make our voices heard loudly enough, Time Warner Cable will
hear us.

Here’s what you can do:

1.     Call
Time Warner Cable directly.
It only takes a minute and gives you
the chance to tell a live human being how important Ovation is to you.
Call Time Warner Cable at
. When you call, please be sure to say that you are
calling to ask them to put Ovation back in the

2.     Activate your network.
Use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or good old-fashioned face-to-face conversation
to ask your friends, family, colleagues and neighbors to sign the petition at www.keepovation.com.

our deepest thanks for your viewership and support. Please keep standing up for
the arts in 2013 – It’s worth


Tiah Carter
Social Media Manager,