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Muse TV needed some resurrection and what better way than chatting with the “prophetess” in Sibella!  The group was founded by Tamar Love in 2006 at first with three members, since then, it has changed out and grown currently to four.These multi-talented sirens are composed of Tamar Love- vocals, strings, song-writing; Sarah Diestche- vocals, keys, song-writing; Valentine Leonard- percussion, and Fields Falcone- bass.

Muse tv- What do you want to convey with your art?

SIBELLA- Working together making emotional, thoughtful music feels like more being true to one’s inner self.  We’re very collaborative with one another and we don’t try to outshine each other. 

M- When did it “click” to you that your work was more than a pastime?

S-  (Sarah) Tamar thought of it over time after meeting in church at First Congo.  We knew of each other’s talents.

M-  Where can folks find your works?

S-  (Valentine) We anticipate a CD this summer 2013.  There’s also an EP on our MySpace page. http://www.myspace.com/sibellaband 

M- What other artists, things, or places that inspire you?

S-  (Tamar) everyone, everywhere; (Sarah) Joni Mitchell, Indigo Girls, jazz piano; (Valentine) Cuban & jazz; (Fields) Firehouse, rock, punk-rock.

M- What pearls-of-wisdom do you want to share with current and future generations of female artists?

S-  It takes courage.  Check out Girls ROCK! camps. Find others like you. (Valentine) Don’t be afraid to make noise!