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His eyes are as beautiful, sparkling, and dark as black diamonds.
He crawls toward her crouching over her dark, golden curvaceous body.
Kisses on her neck, chest, and hips make her tremble and breathe with sweet yearning.
White Tiger slowly, slowly lies on top of his Cherokee Rose.

While staring deep into each other eye’s, he embraces her.
Then moves his thighs up and out to open her wide.
White Tiger glides in between her hips searching deep into her vessel as it grips him.

Cherokee Rose submits all of herself and receives White Tiger’s fullness.
He moves inside her massaging every inner space he can find.

She holds onto his rocking shoulders as best as she could,
But the waving ecstasy nearly overwhelms her in unconsciousness!

Her lover’s tears does not stop his sweet ongoing torture he gives.
He shows little mercy to her pleas of catching-her-breath, her coos, her moans.
He goes on unleashing his love and passion into her until she finally screams out of rapture.