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Lying in his den, White Tiger says to himself, “I need something sweet and fleshy, now!”.  He canters and strides down the hill into a lush garden.  He approaches a beautiful peach tree.  White Tiger plucks a very full golden peach.  This peach however; was rather special.  As he holds the peach in his hands, he is reminded of his woman.  He thinks of the heavenly scent, the plump roundness of both her bosom and rear, and alluring color of yellow-gold tones all over.

White Tiger notices how the Peach became slightly warm to his touch.  He slowly bites into the Succulent Peach only to faintly hear erotic coos crying out.  White Tiger continues, but gently, to eat near the top of Peach- her breasts are kissed.  When he eats at the bottom, her legs are kissed.  White Tiger could feel her legs wrap around his shoulders.  As White Tiger east closer to Peach’s center, his lover’s body began to take life.  As his tongue swayed from side to side, Peach’s center begins to pulse more and more.  His lover has become fully fleshed.  Then White Tiger focuses on Peach’s center rushing his tongue in like a never-ending, thumping drum.  Peach’s nectar is flowing now.  White Tiger does not hesitate and devours the rest of Peach.

One last waning moan is released from Peach and soon she vanishes.  White Tiger feels satisfied and invigorated, more so, of what he had done to Succulent Peach than having it.  He strides up the hill again, back to his den.  “Soon I will go back to her … again!”, as he chuckles to himself.