The Women for Provocative Arts Council (WfPAC)

“Where women can see themselves as the inspiration for art- classic and contemporary.” 

Women for Provocative Arts Council is an alliance of female artists and art supporters aimed to increase the exposure and appreciation of various artworks and mediums having a classical, modern or unconventional approach created by and for women in the Mid-south region and beyond.

WfPAC wishes to prove that the greater Memphis area can serve as a credible region to cultivate current and future generations of female artists; to serve and enrich the greater Memphis area with women’s artwork; advocate the local & regional businesses for an increased investment of artworks by women.

The Women for Provocative Arts Council (WfPAC) will strategize to create:

¨      Musical performance by female artist; emphasis on classical, world, or jazz

¨      Stage performance written, performed, or directed by or about women

¨      Present or host a women’s fine art show

¨      Film screenings made by and/or about women

¨      Present a collection (letters, research papers, journals, artifacts, etc. ) of historical value

¨      Present or host women’s art lectures; boxed lunches or teas

¨      Create “HEaRtstory” column in a local newspaper; maybe evolve into own publication

Membership (tentative, subject to change) :

Active members                         (Muse Fund donation + dues)

Jr. members (18-21, non-voting) ($, all to Muse Fund)

Young Professional (20-40)          ($, all to Muse Fund)

5th members                               ($; extended membership for 5 years)

Board members                          ($ initial term-of-service, $ consecutively thereafter; all to Muse Fund)


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